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When reality feels like it's falling apart, one might retreat to a world in their dreams to escape it. 

Unfotunately, dreams aren't made to last. 

Explore a perverse image of noble living. Grow strong, and escape this rotten dream.

Average playtime is ~1.5 - 2.5 hours

made in ~3 weeks for the Metroidvania Month 19 Jam.

Programming, Animation, 3d Modeling- rittz
level design- rittz, matt
textures- rittz, matt
music- potatoteto, pluswplus
sounds- potatoteto & various internet sources


A controller is supported an recommended! If it doesn't work, try replugging it, or maybe running the game thru steam.

THERE IS A BUG WITH THE MOUSE CAPTURE- after gaining an ability and closing the popup, sometimes the mouse doesn't recapture properly. pausing and resuming should fix it however!! if you cant pause, try tabbing out then back in. I cannot fix this until the jam period is over.

Updated 3 hours ago
Published 3 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags3D Platformer, Fantasy, Metroidvania


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This turned out amazing for 3 weeks of work! Super impressed by the art, atmosphere, level design, the flow of the movement, and the music/sfx too. I would love to see this get fleshed out into something bigger.

I am really impressed that you and your team were able to make this in 3 weeks. The level of quality here is insane for that amount of time!

Just finished it, and this is really good! Tight movement, stylish platforming, charming character design, and music/sound design that is spot on with the PS2-esque aesthetic. This was a blast to play, and I wouldn't mind seeing this character again if there are any bigger projects in the works!

Deleted 14 hours ago

i have already addressed this in the description with a temporary self fix

i am sorry, i'd patch it but my hands are tied until the jam is over

I don't know if you're still going to be updating this game, but I would really appreciate an update to add mouse inversion. Alas, i'm a dork who can't play games normally but i really want to play this one!

Just beat the game, its great! Fantastic job.

this game makes all of my ganglial neurons activate

This is a very inspiring game. Great job!

It's so fun! I love to get lost in the vast worlds and spamming the powers once I get them to reach places faster than before. Plus, Sibyl is so cute and cool, I love her <3


Peak Scrunkly Desing!1!!1

PD: I just finished it, I loved it although there was one (1) time I got lost and HurricaneOf87s playtrough (here in the coments) helped me. Long live Sibyl!! 10/10

this might be one of my favourite games of all time

I am astounded how incredible this free jam game is its got more going for it than paid games with similar scopes absolutely adore all the other games youve done and excited to see whatever comes next!

Overall, solid mechanics as always. Not satisfied with the wall jump but to be completely fair I've never been satisfied with a wal jump in a 3d game. Can't think of one that wasn't finicky. Otherwise I dig it.


A fun little game with good controls, fluid movement mechanics, and appealing character designs. Reminds me of the N64 Castlevania games (which is a good thing).

My only complaint is that some of the areas tend to blend together (which is understandable due to the tight development period) and I really wish there was some sort of in-game map due to how often I got lost (or maybe there is and I just missed it?).

In any case, great work!

This is great!


Here's a run, also good for anyone looking for the 4 golden keys.

WONDERFUL style and gameplay, some oddities (jumping from pole to pole in 3d is a bit hard) but overall very polished and fun!

I found the air kick move but it didn't seem like it was possible to leave the area as I didn't have any other movement abilities. Ultimately I had to reset to the last save point which was disappointing - feels like it's quite easy to end up in the wrong direction.

I had issue leaving that room too, but it was because I was thinking of it as a typical, Mario 64 type walljump instead of taking in its mechanics and seeing it as the wallkick is actually is. As the leg extends out far, you can kick from really far away. Figuring out you should press the button earlier, and also realizing that you can use the attack to get the extra height from the kick while also being able to safely grab a ledge,  it becomes a really, really flexible movement too. It definitely does take a bit to get used to, but the difficulty of escaping that room means you have to become acquainted with its mechanics at least a little bit

I spent 15+ minutes kicking off walls, against walls and having the character jerk around as I accidentally hit the wrong wall face with the kick and getting propelled in the wrong direction in that room. The distance felt like there was a single frame or two in order to get it right for the amount of distance required.

Even just some quick texture difference or graphical indication slapped on where they wanted you to kick would have helped me learn the mechanic if you really were supposed to get out of that room in that manner.  For me at least if that was how the game was intending to work it wasn't something I was interested in playing.


lilith sent me here

Beat it! What a fantastic game. Really well done. The character felt really good to control. Fluid movement and beautiful animations. Thanks so much for making it!

BTW, I was able to get out of bounds by jumping up on the walls in this screenshot. Was able to get on that ledge by getting on top of the door to my left first. Not a huge deal, but just thought I'd mention it.

I loved this game, took me about 2 and a half hours to beat an was really fun. I dont know if i solved every puzzle correctly but the movement was tight and really satisfying!

This is probably the most fun and satisfying platformer I've played in a long time, super inspiring. The game feel and level design go crazy

this game is soo swagging and excellent! perfect length and so good perfecting movement

Just beat it! Incredible character control, animations, and platforming! I did get lost for about an hour, but considering the constraints I never felt like I wasn't at least directed somewhere, and the map was just small enough that I could keep track of it in my head.

I'm definitely gonna visit your backlog, and keep an eye on what you have in store next.

This has an unreal amount of cool tech and chaining of abilities. Very satisfying movement. Thanks for releasing this!

peak platforming and atmosphere!

cool game.

Haven't beaten it yet, but loving this!! The movement and atmosphere are my favorite parts.


this game is amazing!!! immaculate vibes. great main character. outstanding work!

Banger \o/

played for about an hour so far and wow, some of ur best work yet!