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Winner of the 32 Bit 2022 Game Jam!! Wow!!!!!!!!


VT finds herself seperated from her ship on an alien planet. It's close by, but she'll need to fight her way through an island full of hostile alien life to get back to it.

It should be no problem, once she finds her spear.

Strato-Spear is an 3d character action/hack and slash whatever type game, with freeform combos and movement. It is inspired by games like Devil May Cry and Super Smash Bros. 

Play time is 10-20 minutes. Highly replayable, imo.

A lot of care was given to the character controller and animation, i hope you enjoy the game!

Made in 2 weeks for the 2022 32 Game Jam.



Do actions while locked on pressing forward, backwards, or crouch for various modified actions!

Enemies will drop healing orbs if you throw the spear into them (lockon+forward+throw) and then dislodge it with a strong attack. The more weak attacks you hit them with before dislodging it, the more orbs they drop.

game by rittz
music by yoppi
made in unreal engine 4
using DaveFace's retroshaderv4 effects

(the update has a fix for the mouse on menus and 1 new attack)

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(54 total ratings)
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Beat 'em up, Hack and Slash, Souls-like


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This might be a dumb question, but is there any way to increase mouse sensitivity?

good game son, i ready for you next games

I love the vibes of this game sm!! The dithering effects give a really nice look and the animations feel superb with really strong feeling poses. (No wonder you keep winning game jams) :)

Loved the look and vibe of this game, it's a pretty interesting idea for a 3D Platformer, and getting through the level without dying was actually pretty challenging! pretty solid little concept though, glad I checked it out for a video (:

love the mechanics of this game, def a #1 for me

i like mechas that have spears lol

or normal characters lol

I absolutely love this game. Just happened to find it today and it's right up my alley in every way. Fun movement, neat combat mechanics, looks and sounds fantastic! 

I would love to see this expanded but I don't think that's in the cards. It looks like Jamphibian may have taken some inspiration from here? 

While writing this review I discovered this is the Electrokinetic developer. Wow; keep making amazing games! 


this was so fun and so well put together. Took 3 attempts to get to the end but by then I had fully mastered the controls and was even dash/jump cancelling for some pretty awesome and speedy combos, or just to skip enemy encounters haha. Like other comments, I'd totally buy this on steam, and this is inspiring me to start another side project

I am definitely going to learn speedruns for this. I can't express how good the movement feels, and the sound and graphics are immaculate! Thank you for putting in the time and effort; it really shows.

this game is sooooooo good man, there will be an continuation or it will be just that? i would totally pay for this game on steam if it was a slightly bigger game, but that part alone is pretty awesome, the music, the graphic, and speccialy the combat system (im a pretty dmc fan)


The state of the game is up in the air right now, but my first priority is finishing Electrokinetic. After that we'll see, i may put alittle more sauce on this and throw it up, or i might not, but the concepts here will definitely eventually go on to get used in other stuff, haha

For now though, this will stay as is.

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This should definitely be turned into a full game.  All that potential shouldn't be wasted.

The Music sounds really nice and the Combat feels very satisfying  to learn and execute

gosh everything u put out has such good gamefeel!

thanks for making this. really mellowed me out when i needed it


This is a fantastic game! Wow!!!! You should totally add a survival mode/arena type thing and build up a high score with leaderboards that would be cool

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Great game. The movement and combat feel fantastic. Love the environment style and atmospheric instrumental dream-hop music.

If I were to give it any critique, it would be to gate off some areas until enemies died, or maybe give the enemies less HP, as I finally beat it by mostly ignoring the combat and speedrunning to the end. But the care put into the movement–double jump, dash, etc feels great. I can tell equal care went into the combat, so making it more necessary, or slightly faster would be good.

I would love to see a commercial project from you! Great game! A rare treat. I loved it.

10/10, you made a really good job on the game, great mechaincs, mixed attacks, and i also like the style of the game, it's a shame that it isn't a long game, cause i whould like to continue the story, but i like it! 

10/10. couldnt finish it maybe bc im a noob or maybe bc i had no controller, would definately retry when i find one.

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OMG i just found out about the crouch and then the balerina drill attack. 11/10.

okay i learned how to heal and finished the game. honestly this is porb my favorite itch game ever.

me who finished the game around 25 times: wait you can heal?

lol yea im surprised you managed to finish the game without healing, i only finished it once i learned how to heal.


This was great. I second everyone saying that I'd pay for a fuller version of this. It's already got great gameplay.

Holy crap, this is exceptional! You could easily release this as a full game eventually and charge money for it. (it's already worth some money) - great work!


nice retro

this games combat is good enough that its length was the only thing that made me realize it was made in just 2 weeks, a few minutes in and i was already trying to think of longer combos to try out, really really nice

I'm not one for this kind of action game so I sucked at the beginning, but it was really fun to replay through it and improve each time! Would love to see this turned into a longer project!

Best game ive played on itch.io hands down. I hope you make more!

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Short, Sweet, and Stylish.

For being made in two weeks, it's some SSS quality.


Super impressed about the flow of the combat!
Throwing the spear and then fighting some hand to hand combat feels really natural!

It would be very cool to see how the spear could be used in platforming as well, maybe as a jumping off point or flinging yourself on it.

As other said, I think a lock on without holding on the button would be nice! 

This is a good game with great music, great combat, great atmosphere, PS1-style graphics (which I LOVE), and great level design. The only nitpicks I have are the lack of autofire and the fact that the gun takes too long to kill anything.

I love this so much, the combat just feels right. I found a bug where you can cancel moves early with the gun by shooting and attacking at the same time, you know you've done it right when your gun sometimes turns into burst fire. It can make for some pretty long juggles (you can reset the no-direction combo with spear and CQC) and allows you to siphon a lot of HP with ease. I think it should be kept in, heh.


This is an amazing game! You 100% deserve 1st place


I died right at the end (thinking you had to kill everyone, while waiting for a rescue) and got sent back to the beach. This made me appreciate the detail that you can see the smoking crashed ship up on the mountain from way down on the shore at the start. Very nice.

Oh, i'm glad you caught that! 

Thank you, i put it in but wasnt able to figure out a good way to have the player organically look at it, but it's nice when they do!!


Incredible! The flow between spear and unarmed combat is super smooth, and I like the little variations in the movesets that keep the pace up (like how the forward midair for unarmed launches you down at an angle and does enough damage to dislodge the spear from anyone it's stuck in, allowing you to quickly close the distance).

Ayyy thanks johnny!! Yeah i'm really happy with how the movesets flow into eachother with managing the spear, i have really good fun with it!


Insanely fun game, and made in just 2 weeks? Super impressive!

- Movement was perfect. I loved the ledge grab as well and it just has that nice lil bounce-y flip when you jump from it that felt so satisfying that I wanted to keep ledge grabbing things lol.

- Combat is a lot of fun and has a nice challenge to it. Hits felt juicy and I actually really enjoyed the hand to hand combat a lot! Might've even enjoyed using it more than the spear at times haha. I forgot I had the gun after a while since the melee combat was the most engaging but still enjoyed having the gun there which I used towards the end.

- Art style is beautiful and I LOVE the animations. Nothing else to see there, just chef's kiss.

- As soon as the music started I immediately went "oooooo" and starting boppin' my head. It went so well with the game's vibe and was just too good. Once I saw that it's made by Yoppi I went "oh, no wonder this is so good!"

- Couple of bugs here and there but nothing that stopped the game or crashed. The enemies falling into pits was a bit glitchy at times.

Overall I'd love to see more of this game. Would easily pay money for a full-game version with more weapon types, monsters, bosses, and worlds to explore!

Thanks so much Onion!

Yeah the melee stuff can be good fun! The gun is a litle slapped on and mostly intended as a combo extension tool, but can be used to deal with enemies if you've having a hard time, yeah.

Glad you like the art!! Yeah I spend a very good portion of the jam on the anims, lol

Yes, yoppi's stuff is just great!! I hop to be able to get an some original tunes for them at some point.

The pit bug was one i decided to just leave in for the time crunch of the jam at the end, its just kind of funny. Had a time getting things sorted out, lots with the spear, there was one that was really bad plaguing me for like half the jam!

Really appreciate the feedback tho onion, honestly i don't think i'll be expanding this game ( i might clean some things up and throw it on steam for a couple bucks) but i definitely intend to make some other action games eventually building off of similar systems!


unbelievably good


very cool!