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Radical Avalanche is a ditched mechanical prototype i made at the beginning of 2022, starring Rime, a cool bear girl with a snowboard.

It's a 3d platformer where throw around your snowboards as you jump around, and can hop on it any time you have it on you.

There are 3 graybox "levels", but no goals for any of them. Outside of the mechanics, this is very barebones!

I'll be uploading a little devlog writeup with more thoughts about it soon, for anyone curious.


A/RB, Space- Jump/Air kick
B/LB, E- Throw/Recall
X/RT, LShift- Ride/Unride/Dash
LT, Ctrl- Crouch/Summon Ice Block/Airdrop

Start, ESC- Pause
Select- Reset Level

I hope you can find some fun in messing around with the character!

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Tags3D Platformer, Prototype, snowboarding


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This game looks like it would be heaps of fun but unfortunately I seem to be having frame rate issues and the game seems to play in slow motion for me :/ any ideas on why this could be


So the idea of a snowboarding game in which you can fall off the snowboard seems it would be, on paper, a miserable experience. Yet the implementation of it here is not only super fun, but also really goddamned funny.

No for real, this is worth breaking down here. The raw physical comedy of bonking into a wall, splatting face first onto the ground, and watching your board sail off in a mockingly extended arc before embedding itself in the terrain cannot be overstated enough. This level of polish and charm didn't need to be in a prototype. Neither did a fully animated (and cute af) character model, nor a number of particle effects and little visual touches. But the fact that it's all here indicates to me a level of not just competence, but finesse, care, and love that really ought to be commended here.

The separation of board and rider isn't just for shits and giggles though. You can toss the board ahead of you, jump off it ala Odyssey's cap jump, and recall it back to you with a burst of momentum from the direction it returned from. If you catch it before hitting the ground you can chain straight into a board glide with that momentum in tow. You can wall kick, summon a block of ice anywhere to kick off it, and yeahhh there is no tutorial here so it took me about an hour to discover most of the basic tech you can pull off with this moveset. But let me tell you, it's a hell of a thrill to steadily find your snow legs and learn to pull off some truly unhinged physical absurdity... and bonk headfirst into the occasional wall.

Historically the snowboarding genre of games have been largely limited to two focuses: racing, and stunts. And while there's nothing wrong with those, I always knew snowboarding could be more than just that. Exploration is an element I feel is, ironically, left sorely unexplored in this context. I've attempted to fuse the two myself before (and likely will again!) and yet this prototype approaches the same concept in ways I never would've thought of. The simple act of carving and jumping around to find all the lil soda can tabs was such a treat. There is a certain magic in spotting some far off ledge, thinking "wait, can I get myself over there?", formulating a concoction of moves, then pulling it off until you actually make it. And I can't really say I've gotten the opportunity to do quite that in any of the snowboarding games I've played previous.

While I'm saddened that this prototype is the most we'll get of this particular interpretation of the concept, I'm very grateful it exists. It's got me thinking about my own ways to make this sort of thing work, and I hope it gets other devs considering it too!! All I'm saying is, if I'm running around in a graybox prototype for upwards of five hours, there's something really special here.

I have absolutely no clue how to play this one, but that is a cool character.

Really fun!Please continue to update it!


Your animations are insane! There's so much life in the character. I really loved the movement and the mechanics! Well done!