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I can't thank you enough for making this game. it just clicked every button i needed to push, and all the movement system flow together soo well. i dunno how you created a chemistry so elegant, but it works. 

i have some minor complaints, like that maybe more time could've been spent hyping up a little bit the final boss, maybe more notes scattered around, a bit of lore on the textless graves we can find hidden around, some paintings. i don't know how to make it, but i felt quite disconnected from the context and the story.
sure, it wasn't the focus, but it has its importance. 

also, i thin kthe ability to at least teleport to the last checkpoint might be useful and prevent some form of softblocking. at a point i managed to bullshit my way through almost all the wall-slide section without having it; i was enjoying the challenge, but if i wanted to go back to try a different path and to wait for the power up, it would've been quite the pain in the ass.

other than that, thanks a lot, i love this game and can't wait for what you'll do next!

....and yes, of course, goat mommy crush me between your tighs.

I am trying to play newly updated game through the Itch app, the game will download but it wont play through the app.

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Ok recently got the game and having fun with it just got to Strong eyes. But I do have some minor complaints. I wish the lock on stuck unless you hit the button again, and I can't re bind keys for my gamepad as when I try to make R1 attack for example it switches the menu window. Hope this can be fixed soon. For now I'll make do with the default controls. Thank you very much for this game hope we can se Sybil in a sequel soon!
Edit: Apparently looking at Steam others are having controller issues too not just me. I know you're working on a fix so I'll wait patiently. What's gotten me a bit miffed is my brother can rebind keys and adjust the game window size just fine whereas I can not for some reason. Ugh, technology is great up until it decides not to work for no reason. I'm not pinning that on you just venting my frustration nothing more.


id let the goat mommy step on me 

at the moment played with a friend (when I'll have the chance I'll buy for my self)
one of the BEEEEEEEEEEEST platformer metroidvania 3D out there!!
damn good, keep it up dude/dudes


I haven't bought the game yet but I wanted to know where do I get mods for this game? I think I saw some on Nexus but wanted to ask in case there were other sites. Thanks in advance.

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Is this playable with gamepad? Any keyboard rebindings available? Does it run on Linux?


It runs just fine on my linux machine, and yeah, I definitely recommend playing with a gamepad

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Hi, can't run the game. I get an error saying:

The following component(s) are required to run this program:
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime.

No required version is specified in the error message. What are the requirements?

Edit: This may be relevant: 

The comments suggest some Unreal Engine settings that bundle the requirements

Edit: Installed the latest redistributable from MS, and now I get a different error - procedure entry point CreateFile2 could not be located in KERNEL32.dll. I assume this is because I'm on Windows 7, and this function was added somewhere later on. Any chance of a compatibility build for Windows 7?


Finally made an itch account just to give this game praise. Pseudoregalia let me relive the feeling I had playing the OG 3D Zeldas for the first time when I was very young. I think I had been looking for an experience like that when BOTW and TOTK came out, but those never even got close to scratching the itch.  Thank you so much for making this wonderful game, and PLEASE feel free to make a sequel one day, since it is clear that you are going somewhere with game design talents like this.


Yes. For me it scratched that itch from Mario 64. No other game had platforming that felt as innovative as that. The Exploration was really nice like the 3D Zeldas as you said. That sense of mystery and wonder hasn't been the same in any other game. The low poly graphics makes you wonder what really is outside of this game realm. Like the constraints of smaller levels and n64 style graphics really gives that feeling that is impossible outside of that. The dark, horror-esque, vibes reminded me of the dungeons from early 3D Zelda games in the best way.


Could you possibly compile a version of this game for Linux? This game is really cool and I would love to run it natively on my laptop!

bought it on steam recently, man i freakin hate metroidvania but dang this game slaps, keep doin stuff like this dude

Why would anyone hate metroidvanias? It's my favorite genre

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Idk, its like personal, i doesnt really like to roam around giant ass locations without a map(wich was added yesterday), and i think that psudo is a bit laking of fight, like cmon, there is only 2 bosses, but still, its a very good game, and holy dang, Empty Bailey ost is a goat 


I know Itch supports giving Steam keys with game purchases; does Pseudoregalia come with a Steam key or is it just the standard download?

So, I ran into an issue where it says I need DirectX Runtime when I try to launch it through the itch client. If I go into the folder and run the exe directly as an admin, it manages to work, but keeps freezing at various points (beginning cutscene, hitting things with the dream breaker, etc.). I like the way the game feels to play (the bit I can play) but I otherwise can't make any progress like this.

any plans to add card payment


I'm gonna sound super duper picky here. But is there anyway you could compile the game for ARM64 on windows? This game is amazing, and I'd really like to play it on my snapdragon laptop.


Hello, would you add the possibility of changing the keyboard keys?

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Having problems trying to install the game via the client.
Error message: "Cannot read properly of undefined"

I guess ill just download from the website.

EDIT (Nov 1st 2023): Problem Seems to be fixed now on windows!


Yep, the game isn't marked as being compatible with Windows, so the Itch client doesn't think there are any files available to install that are compatible with your OS.

It's an easy thing to fix from the developer side (edit game -> uploads -> tick the Windows checkbox next to, but it's also super easy to forget to do that.

Any way to transfer the save from the Game Jam version? I just played through that and got to the final door, want to play the full version now but I don't wanna do all the exploration and stuff again especially if the majority of the game is the same


i dreamt an elaborate dream about a fake Big Sequel to this.
surely that's a measure of great play value, and how well it kept me playing it for an entire day, to darn near completing the collectathon (i'd also played the gamejam iteration as a test and ended up completing that one too).

seeing the fun kinda challenging to execute side-mechanics that aren't Important to playing the game but make it all that more interesting is immensely fun, too - such as kicking your blade out of the air when you throw it, or doing a sideflip out of a sliding jump for way more height.

I sucked at this game. some challenges were irritating to get through, but i managed to do them eventually - some, even, in 'unintended' manners - very happy that there's enough player freedom to do a large amount of the game in unique and personal ways.

i do agree with other players that adding a world map would be very helpful to use as reference for where you've been, and what little spots or locks you might have forgotten about - it's easy to get lost. sometimes it was a good thing, sometimes it wasn't.


Absolutely Love the game, feels so good to play.

Switch Port when?


Is it possible to add an option to pay directly with card instead of paypal? 


Played it on Steam. This game is a fantastic showcase of what a 3D platformer is capable of in terms of raw exploration and fluid, unique controls. Such a great experience! It's inspiring especially since I also make platformers in Unreal Engine and came across your games. I don't often replay games but I played this one twice and might go back again!

For anyone playing, some things to look out for:

1) The world is fun to leap around in but is, as a result, very complicated. This would be fine if there was a map. There is no map. I had to search one up, especially since I'm a bit lacking in spatial intelligence. This Metroidvania need a map.

2) You can give Sybil pants in the main menu. Wish I knew this.

I'm a huge fan of your works since Blazing Dynamo. Keep it up!

Heard about this game on the NoClip podcast/YouTube channel. I am sadly a Mac-person. Any chance of a Mac version? If not, I understand. Congrats on an awesome looking game.

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bought it on steam, and bought it here again because i wanted a drm free version but also i think this game is worth buying twice. a fantastic work, one of the most fun times ive had just picking up a game and playing it


Hey rittz. I purchased this game and played it on steam. I left a review there but thought I'll leave here a more detailed review more focused on the (very few) things I didn't like. Mainly becuase I really, really like your stuff and would love to see it improved even more.

I first played your stratospear and liked it a ton, so much that it made me check out every one of your other projects on itch and I also sent you a message on twitter regarding its development, and since decided that i'll give unreal engine a go after I finish my current project in gamemaker.

when I saw that you finally published a full game, that is niether a game jam, a demo or a prototype, I was thrilled. It's honestly everything I would have excpected and hoped to see, maybe minus stratospear's combat but it just wasn't a focus here so that's cool.

the only "big" aspect I think could use improvement is the world design, and spesifically, making the levels easier to navigate and understand. I'm not talking about making the platforming challenges more clear, I'm talking about each world's layout being usually very hard to grasp. 

It started bothering me esp after the early game, when suddenly a lot of places opened up to me (though it existed from the start, I couldn't draw a map of the first world) and I got over it in the lategame, where i went circles around and around the levels until learned them either passively or actively in order to find the keys.

The outdoor castle map was the easier for me to get around and thus one of my favourites, I think making more outdoor maps could instantly improve upon this aspect. Another thing that helped me is that in the keep, in one of the crossroad maps there was a bush, indicating that that door leads to the dark map. more of these would def be appriciated.

while writing this review i searched some stuff online and noticed that you actually published the game on steam quite a while before on Itch. I follow you here so I was informed when you published the game here and thought that its brand new, but now seeing how ppl made guides for the maps and mapped them out visually I kind of feel like I just rumble on some part of the game I sucked at too much to enjoy, dunno.

anyway, i liked the game a ton, would definately come back to play your next projects. take care.


Purchased on steam and am quite happy:
-The movement is phenomenal
-Music was wonderful (Empty bailey especially)
-Obstacles could be circumvented in inventive ways at times

 as well as disappointed (in a good way):
-Wishing there was more
-Hoping for a follow up

only ran into 1 bug:
-Greave Kicking dreambreaker through some enemies causes it to disappear (hard to replicate thankfully)

I don't think I'll ever be able to find another game that makes the mobility feel so good! Wonderfully done!

great game, does stuff with platforming and level design that felt original ... despite me being fairly sure its not. that's an achievement


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Bought this on Steam and I highly recommend it. Only took me around 4 hours on my first playthrough but it left a strong impression


Got it from Steam a while ago and completed it! Despite of its flaws really great little game, and not that short unless you are very good in platforming.

There's a spelling mistake in the game's description. "granduer" -> "grandeur"

Phenomenal game 10/10

If you want a taste check out

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Banger gam


Damn, bought it on Steam because I didn't know it was gonna be released on itch a day later! Big recommend.


As someone who also purchased the game on Steam, I highly recommend it! I'm looking forward to seeing what updates this game gets too, because my biggest complaint is just that I want more of it!


This game is a STEAL.  I bought it off Steam already.  Very few 3D platforming games make movement feel so GOOD.  I think that's your recurring talent in all the games and demos you've put out so far.